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CA Lottery Games • California SuperLotto Plus Mega Millions™

CA Lottery Games!

Quick Picks for All California Lottery Games

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California Daily3/pick3 Picks: Mid-day 689/399 & Evening 785/852

California Daily4/pick4 Picks: 4065/0584

California Daily Derby Lottery Pick:
Horses: 12   3   2   & Race Time: 1:46:56

California Fantasy5 (5/39) Lottery Pick:
2  4  5  20  30  

California SuperLotto Plus Lottery Pick:
3  28  38  40  47  11

California MegaMillions™ Lottery Pick:
14  15  22  33  53  40

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Yah00 email: JPP_SD
Friday 22nd February 2019 05:18:47 PM Pacific blitzed